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We proudly introduce Uniform Palace as a Manufacturer, Whole seller, and Retailer in Institutional Textile. Uniform Palace is a Medium level Business Enterprise based in Faisalabad that has experience of 17 years in the portfolio of institutional uniforms
established in 2003. We are a dedicated company serving the needs of our ever-growing esteemed customers around the country. We attach great importance to the needs of our valued customers. Our service to the customer starts before the sales and continues after the completion of sales. Our modern computerized machines and skilled workers make quality products. Quality is the Paramount importance in our staff, system, and


Our aim is to achieve a climate of confidence with further innovation and performance. We are more interested in long term relationship based on solid foundation of mutual trust and understandings.

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Uniform Palace

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In a Corporate environment, appearance speaks a lot about the employee’s work ethics, attitude, and the company’s image. The way your employee’s dress reflects your company’s corporate image. In any corporate environment, professional dressing is very important If you are looking for corporate uniform suppliers to fulfill these conditions. Uniform Palace is the best choice. We provide corporate uniforms Scanned with Cam Scanner

There’s no better way to ensure the safety of your guests or customers than with a well-trained and highly visible security staff. At Uniform Palace, we prefer cotton fabric for security uniforms rather then polyester uniforms. We have all resources and a state-of-the-art systems to produce cotton/cotton mix with polyester fabrics for security uniforms Obtaining workplace safety means the right equipment, tools, and accessories. At Uniform Palace Find high-quality, dependable safety gear to keep employees and
worksites safe and secure.

At UNIFORM Modern, Classic and Functional Apparel available for Spas, Beauty salons and Gym wear. Elevate your professional image with Spa Uniforms that are stylish and comfortable. Enjoy a flattering look and wearable style with our uniform. Promoting is an essential part of a healthy business. That’s why many smart gym owners and personal trainers are choosing wicking and performance shirts to advertise their services, welcome new members, celebrate a company anniversary, and so much more.

We take pride in offering a wide range of sports uniforms for our clients to choose from. We carry all kinds of uniforms from simple, standard pieces that look just like the ones the players wear, to more complex custom-made uniforms you can design yourself. The quality of our products has already been tested by some schools, leagues, sports teams, and non-profit organizations. They have all been very satisfied by both our products and our customer support services.

Our Education is about personal development, dressing, manners, and social skills. The uniform is not just simple dressing for school & College but a symbol of pride and belonging. Eye catchable uniform become the presentation of your institute
and create your image, norms& values, determination and goodwill in the eyes of Students Staff, parents, competitors and around your community. If you are looking for specialized quality school & College uniform and Accessories, we offer a wide range of Academics institute uniforms in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs. Health Care (Hospital, Pharmaceutical, Pharmacy & Labs Uniform) 

Patients identify hospital employees, pharmacy, pharmaceutical industry and labs through their uniforms with competency and trust. Health care uniforms also play a critical role in ensuring that hospital staff, including nurses and doctors, stays clear of infections during their daily interactions with patients. With this in mind, Uniform Palace also pays close attention to producing garments for the healthcare sector. 

Create the best first impression by giving your employees the best uniforms. From the receptionist to the bell boy and every employee in your Hotel, Restaurants, Fast Food Chains, and Bakers each staff has an equal and good opportunity to make a great impression on your customers. Uniform Palace, one of the leading Hospitality uniform manufacturers, prides itself in providing high-quality uniforms for staff in the hospitality industry

At Uniform Palace we have recognized the strong demand for factory and industrial
uniforms (workshops, Showrooms, Logistics, Bus Services and Cold Chains) as various industries develop and thrive in the region. We place great emphasis on creating uniforms from high-quality materials that make them wearable in different working conditions and environments.

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